Thursday, July 16, 2009


I woke up today with body aches all over. Aside from the fact that my baby son was not cooperative at all last night, I came home from a get-together party wherein it took us almost 4 hours stuck in traffic. A trip from Sta. Rosa, Laguna to Mall of Asia in Pasay would normally take us 45 minutes to an hour of trip, took us a freaking of 4 hours!!! Well, Manila would never be Manila without the flooded streets and traffic, right?
Instead of taking the expressway, a friend suggested that we take the route via Alabang-Las Pinas-Coastal Highway. Nevertheless, we were already stuck in South Luzon Expressway for more than 2 hours already. Coming from a place wherein this kind of traffic is unheard of, the whole ride was totally crazy. How could we tolerate this at all? I could never imagine my neighbors who work in Makati and in some areas in Manila. One of my neighbors would even leave home as early as 5am just to make it on time for work. He said if you make it at 6am, you're doomed.
What makes it outrageous is that they are not even done with the South Luzon Expressway expansion, they "generously" added the Skyway project? Do these people have common sense at all? And when would these projects be completed? 2 years? 5 years? How long will the commuters suffer? How many gallons of gasoline will the commuters waste not to mention the endless gas hikes?
Can you imagine yourself travelling for 3-5 hours in traffic just to make it to an hour or two of social function? Pray for a good weather coz if you're lucky enough to brave that traffic, your car will likely get stuck in a flooded street anyway.
Yeah, very hilarious.
I even heard some of my hubby's balikbayan friend's daughter ask, "Can we take a picture of this?" (referring to the bumper to bumper situation).
Hey, why not? We might make it to the Guiness Book of World Records. The country who has the most idiotic public officials.