Sunday, December 11, 2011


The Shoes section of SM is a must-visit place for me whenever I get the chance to visit their store. I've always been an avid fan of the Parisian brand for years now and their products are truly great when it comes to quality.

I have seen the Parisian brand evolve from simple flats to fashion-worthy stilettos, pumps and wedges. They have always made the luxury brands a run for their money.

You can trot in style with their pairs without breaking your bank and their products definitely last a long way.

Last week, I broke my ballet flat shoes while shooting for an event in Tagaytay. Parisian came to mind when I narrowed my choices of picking some pairs that would meet the demands of my "passion". 

I picked out these pairs for these reasons: aside from it's too lovely to resist, they were really affordable and durable. 

I literally folded these pairs ( because I do a lot of bending and kneeling when taking some photos) before purchasing to see how they'd be up for the challenge.  It also helped they were really lightweight. 

Photos taken with Instagram:

Friday, December 2, 2011


A very dear friend was very kind enough to buy this for me. I've been dreaming of having a Superfat Lens in Red and behold! I got it right before Christmas. :)))

What I truly love about this camera is how it brings out the vividness of colors of a chosen subject and one must be quite artistic enough to capture his subject to bring out the artistic qualities of this unit. I know I still have a lot of things to learn but I'm definitely up for the challenge. :D

Another important thing is that I can keep this in my bag with no added weight and I can now take photos anywhere without being reprimanded by security guards for using a DSLR unit inside their establishments. :P

Thank you so much, Santa's Elf for making one of my wishes come true!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


This is my first visit to the St. James The Great Bazaar in Ayala Alabang Village. From the moment we got to the venue, the place was very crowded since it was the last day of the said bazaar.

It was too humid and packed with shoppers but at the end of the day, I was very happy with all of my purchases!

My loot: Water Bottle from Beansprouts, a statement tassled Bib Necklace from Curio Accessories, Bronze "Wings" ring and a Yoga Sling from Made for Movement

The bib necklace was definitely love at first sight. I love how intricate the details are. This would be perfect when worn with a plain colored top. ;)

This ring screams for "Patch" (Hush Hush book series)!!!! I tried it on and never took it off. :D

Yab and I originally have our eyes on a Sigg tumbler but this water bottle's just too pretty to resist. ;)

And since I'm on the lookout for affordable alternatives for a yoga sling, I literally waited for an hour for this sling to be delivered at their booth. :D

My daughter and I shopped for some Christmas presents too for our dear friends which I cannot post yet. We don't want to preempt anything. Hehehe.

Anyhoo, here are Anin's loot for the day:

An original baller and a "Zipper" charm bracelet

I also purchased some kitchenware stuff which I'll have to post in a different entry. My camera's batt died on me on a short notice. Hehehe.

My Midweek getup: 

Top from F21, Yellow belt from Genevieve Gozum, Denim Shorts from Bazaar, Necklace from F21 and Tan Wooden Clogs from Parisian.

Don't let these shoes fool you. It's light as a paper and saved me a lot of times from being stepped on with all those rush shoppers around. Good thing I didn't stepped into someone else's toes either; I made sure of that. ;)

Anin and Hael's Midweek Getup:

On Anin: Artwork Shirt, Mood Neckpiece from The Bead Shop, Black Shorts SM Dept. Store, High Cut Sneakers from Converse (not shown)

On Hael: Cars Shirt from Robinson's, Baby Gap Camouflage Pants (from Tita Auie) (not shown) and Black Cayman Crocs (not shown)

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hael and I were making funny drawings on his magic board when he suddenly stood up and took one of my yoga mats to the living room.

He executed some poses he mimicked from me and told me, "Picture, Mommy!". He obviously wants to have his photo taken. :D

I grabbed the nearest gadget I could find, fearing of losing these precious moments:

Yoga 101 with Hael. He used my old Light Blue Nordictrack Yoga Mat


Sun Salutation


Downward Dog


We decided to hang out in Shangrila Plaza Mall for two reasons: I wanna check out the Certified Calm Store and the kids are getting weary going to SM almost every weekend. My two stepdaughters haven't been there yet, so Shangrila Plaza it is. :D

The food bonding started at Tender Bobs for lunch and everyone was filled to the brim. Yab was an angel to finally give in to my wish to have my hands on that Manduka Eko Lite Yoga Mat. I also purchased the Manduka Mat Renew in Tranquil Lavender scent. I was already a happy camper!

Since my two stepdaughters need to be back home to their mom before night time, we decided to skip watching Happy Feet 2 and hang out in National Bookstore.

On Hael: Cars 2 Shirt from SM Dept. Store, Denim Pants and Nike Shoes

We tried the Cake-all-you-can at Cravings/The Coffee Beanery and we were quite disappointed since it really takes a long time for their staff to refill our plates. We had to wait for 15mins or so and by then, the kids were already bored and full.

While waiting for our cakes to arrive...

It was a fun day all in all. We realized by the time we got home that we did nothing but eat! Considering those 3 slices cake that I've consumed, I couldn't help but to think the workout I need to do to burn all those calories. :))


Light Gray Tank Top from F21, Green Pleated Palazzo Pants from Inbox, Brown Leather Braided Belt from H & M, Jeweled Thong Sandals from Charles & Keith, Necklace from F21, Bracelets from Landmark, Longchamp Pliage Bag


Shirt from Bench Tweeners, Faded Black Pants from F21, Floral Belt from Genevieve Gozum, KidRobot Kozik Watch from Swatch

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This is definitely one of the most awaited Sale every year for moms like me. Richwell Trading Corporation, carries brands like Baby Einstein, Hot Wheels, Barbie, Chicco and etc.

Enjoy up to 80% off on these items for this once-in-a-year opportunity! :D


You can definitely feel the Christmas fast approaching when a lot of retail outlets are holding their Sale almost every week.

Mossimo Kids will hold their Open House Sale this Nov. 17-18, 2011. You might want to check this out. Who knows, you might find something for your goddaughters, godsons, nieces, nephews and even for your little angels! :D


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It's been a long time since my friends and I from Team D3k got together and did a photowalk. The last time was when we went to Enchanted Kingdom and ate away. :D

After some "misdirections" from a random couple on the street, we finally located the elusive (to us, anyway) Sonya's Garden.

We were really overwhelmed on a lot of things that are picture-worthy. We were just a few meters from the entrance and we almost spent an hour clicking away. 

Sonya's Garden is a private paradise that offers bed and breakfast, spa, country store and they even have a "panaderia" (bakery) wherein Cheese Hopia and Spanish Bread are among of their bestsellers. We also scored some merchandise at their country store and I purchased an Ilog Maria Bug and Insect Repellent for Hael. 

After a couple of hours, we headed back to have lunch at Antonio's Grill in One Destination

The lunch was concluded with a free treat at Starbucks from Ms. G. ;)

We got stuck in a terrible traffic jam on our way home but who cares? It was a lovely Saturday after all. We had a great time catching up, filling our tummies non-stop and most of all, doing what we love most - taking photos. :D




Photo credit to Ramark :D
Bench (Top), Bazaar (Denim Shorts), Forever21 (Necklace), Fitflop Fiorella White (Sandals)

Monday, November 14, 2011


We usually spend our weekends in malls but this time around, we decided to spend it in Tagaytay. 

Whenever Yaya takes once-in-a-blue-moon day off, we always have lunch and dinner somewhere else. This time around, we headed to Carlo's Pizza in One Destination in Tagaytay. We had the usual fanfare, Nachos, Pizza and the kids' favorite, lasagna.

We then took Hael to Residence Inn for his zoo experience. He had his first donkey and horse ride and we can tell he was having the time of his life. Ate Anin joined in too.

On Hael: Superman ensemble, long-sleeved sweater and shorts from SM Dept. Store, Crocs (footwear)

On Ate Anin: Shirt from Artwork, Black Denim Pants from Forever21, Jewelled sandals from Landmark, Necklace from Genevieve Gozum

It was a very relaxing day for all of us. No traffic (thanks to Manny Pacquiao); just simple joys in a very laidback setting.

WEEKEND GETUP: Zara (Top),  Nuvali Bazaar (Denim Shorts), Bangles (Landmark), Forever21 (Necklace), Rayban Aviator (Shades), Fiorella White Sandals (not shown)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


We decided to spend the remaining long weekend at La Luz Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas. I called their Manila office to reserve a room but due to some circumstances, we weren't able to make it to the bank. We were a couple of minutes late. :( 

Their reservation officer, Ms. Donna was very kind enough to confirm our reservations for a Premier room despite the fact we weren't able to make the 60% required deposit. She only asked us to make sure that we will come to the resort on that day.

By the time we got to the resort on Sunday, we were instantly welcomed by very pleasant staff who offered us some welcome drinks (which were very refreshing!). The premier room has a maximum capacity of 6 persons but since Ate Elma (Hael's yaya) came along, we're 7 pax all in all. They were very lenient to allow her with no additional cost. I am now sold to this place! :D

While waiting for the check-in time at 1pm, we had our lunch first. The food was definitely more than I expected; buffet style with 5 viands to choose from (vegetable, chicken, pork, fish), soup and dessert.

Lunch (Day 1) Menu:
Chicken and Corn Soup
Inihaw na Tilapia
Roasted Chicken
Pork (Sorry, I forgot the name)
Papaya and Puso ng Saging Ginataan
Fresh Fruit Platter
Orange or Pineapple Juice

After a filling meal, we were game for some photo ops! 

And climbed the gigantic rock to have a full view of the resort! :D

After rounding the resort, we finally got into our room.

The room's equipped with air conditioning unit, 3 beds (one of which is a pull-over), 3-way bathroom, hot and cold shower but no telephone and television set. Just what a vacation must be, in my opinion. ;) The lack of television sets didn't disappoint the kids one bit since the resort has a Wifi connection and they brought along their gadgets with them.

I love the roomy shower room and loo! 

We spent most of the time in one of the cabanas (for free) which is really one of the best facilities of the resort.

After splathering ourselves with sunscreen we finally took a dip!!!! The beach is pretty rocky but nonetheless, the water's crystal clear and warm.

We went snorkeling which costs Php100 for 3 hours. The kids had an amazing time! 

One of the staff approached us and reminded us that snacks buffet will be open at 3pm. We then proceeded to the dining hall. We were all famished with all those swimming!

Merienda Menu:
Banana Turon
Pancit Bihon
Tuna Sandwich
Mango Juice

We capped off the night with an hour body massage which costs Php250. The kids decided to have it in the room while I had it in the cabana with the curtains drawn in. ;)

A little while after that, we were once again approached by one of the staff informing us that the dinner buffet is already open.  Time does fly fast when you're having the grand time of your life, most especially if your tummy's still full with all that snacks. :D

Dinner Menu:
Mushroom Soup
Tuna Flakes Pasta
Fish Fillet
Lumpia Shanghai
Chicken Pastel
Apple and Potato Salad
Fruit Salad

Since there was no TV, the kids took out the gadgets by night time and were lost in their own worlds. They can go through a day without the TV but not without the internet. Hehehehe.

We weren't able to see the bonfire by the beach since we called it a night at 9pm...

I committed myself waking up at 5am for this....

Breakfast Buffet was served at exactly 7am. 

Breakfast Menu (Day 2):
Eggs (Omelet, Scrambled or Sunny Side Up)
Pan de Sal
Loaf Bread
A variety of jams
Daing na Bangus
Garlic Rice

We spent the remaining hours snorkeling and swimming. Since we opted to have our lunch in the resort (additional Php350/head), they allowed us to check out late.

Aside from the Php3750 rate for the premier room, the guests are obliged to pay Php1100/person for the meals (Lunch upon arrival, Afternoon Snack, Dinner and Breakfast the following day).

It's a pretty good deal when you think about it. It's buffet, which means you can have a couple of rounds if you want and you won't have to plan each meal while you're in vacation; which can be a pretty daunting task for moms like me. Everything's pretty taken care of and all of the guests are informed if the meal's ready. ;)

I just love how laid back this place is considering that it's a long weekend and the rooms were all occupied, it's not even crowded at all!  You won't hear any blaring music like videoke or find rowdy groups in this place; this made me love La Luz even more. You can totally feel serenity and calmness when you stay there.

They have guards and staff who constantly do their rounds and would never hesitate to assist should you need it.

The Hubby even loved it and promised me we'll spend the Holy Week next year in this place. :D


CONTACT NO.'S: +632 726-6687 +632 726-4977 +632 726-7445 +632 727-7032