Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is there still any food left safe enough to eat? =(

On a very typical hot summer afternoon, I had a bout of craving for Selecta's Pistachio and Cashew Icecream. I have never been the self-confessed chocolate or icecream addict but I do indulge myself with such treats most especially when I love the flavor. ;)

Hubby was so kind and generous enough to brave the summer heat and get me a piece of my craving as if I'm on my first trimester of pregnancy. He came back after a couple of minutes after and said he couldn't find any in 7-eleven.

Known for my stubborness, I asked him to accompany to the nearest store and search for the most sought icecream for the day. The other store didn't have any Selecta products so we drove (yeah, waste of gas, i know) to the other 7-eleven branch near Paseo. The attendant said the icecream flavor was pulled out from their stores. Now we wondered why.

I gave up the search and settled for Jollibee Krunchy Twirl and Jollibee Swirly Blitz. Upon reaching home, I immediately googled the reason why Selecta Pistachio and Cashew Icecreams were pulled out from the market.

From my search, I found out all pistachio products have been pulled out from the market due to the recent discovery of salmonella on the pistachios of Setton Pistachio of Terrabella Inc. Though Selecta claims they didn't get their pistachios from the said U.S. company.

I found this really disturbing... First the melamine on dairy products, followed by the widespread Ebola virus on swine products, salmonella on a local peanut butter and now, salmonella on pistachios. I couldn't help but ask, is there still any food left safe enough to eat?

Not that it's enough that we are now plagued with new diseases, some of which are still incurable. Add to this the global warming as a posing threat to all of us. I wonder, what kind of world would we be living in a decade from now? Would we be all wearing those astronaut masks coz the air would be too lethal to breathe?

My thoughts exactly.