Sunday, December 11, 2011


The Shoes section of SM is a must-visit place for me whenever I get the chance to visit their store. I've always been an avid fan of the Parisian brand for years now and their products are truly great when it comes to quality.

I have seen the Parisian brand evolve from simple flats to fashion-worthy stilettos, pumps and wedges. They have always made the luxury brands a run for their money.

You can trot in style with their pairs without breaking your bank and their products definitely last a long way.

Last week, I broke my ballet flat shoes while shooting for an event in Tagaytay. Parisian came to mind when I narrowed my choices of picking some pairs that would meet the demands of my "passion". 

I picked out these pairs for these reasons: aside from it's too lovely to resist, they were really affordable and durable. 

I literally folded these pairs ( because I do a lot of bending and kneeling when taking some photos) before purchasing to see how they'd be up for the challenge.  It also helped they were really lightweight. 

Photos taken with Instagram:

Friday, December 2, 2011


A very dear friend was very kind enough to buy this for me. I've been dreaming of having a Superfat Lens in Red and behold! I got it right before Christmas. :)))

What I truly love about this camera is how it brings out the vividness of colors of a chosen subject and one must be quite artistic enough to capture his subject to bring out the artistic qualities of this unit. I know I still have a lot of things to learn but I'm definitely up for the challenge. :D

Another important thing is that I can keep this in my bag with no added weight and I can now take photos anywhere without being reprimanded by security guards for using a DSLR unit inside their establishments. :P

Thank you so much, Santa's Elf for making one of my wishes come true!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


This is my first visit to the St. James The Great Bazaar in Ayala Alabang Village. From the moment we got to the venue, the place was very crowded since it was the last day of the said bazaar.

It was too humid and packed with shoppers but at the end of the day, I was very happy with all of my purchases!

My loot: Water Bottle from Beansprouts, a statement tassled Bib Necklace from Curio Accessories, Bronze "Wings" ring and a Yoga Sling from Made for Movement

The bib necklace was definitely love at first sight. I love how intricate the details are. This would be perfect when worn with a plain colored top. ;)

This ring screams for "Patch" (Hush Hush book series)!!!! I tried it on and never took it off. :D

Yab and I originally have our eyes on a Sigg tumbler but this water bottle's just too pretty to resist. ;)

And since I'm on the lookout for affordable alternatives for a yoga sling, I literally waited for an hour for this sling to be delivered at their booth. :D

My daughter and I shopped for some Christmas presents too for our dear friends which I cannot post yet. We don't want to preempt anything. Hehehe.

Anyhoo, here are Anin's loot for the day:

An original baller and a "Zipper" charm bracelet

I also purchased some kitchenware stuff which I'll have to post in a different entry. My camera's batt died on me on a short notice. Hehehe.

My Midweek getup: 

Top from F21, Yellow belt from Genevieve Gozum, Denim Shorts from Bazaar, Necklace from F21 and Tan Wooden Clogs from Parisian.

Don't let these shoes fool you. It's light as a paper and saved me a lot of times from being stepped on with all those rush shoppers around. Good thing I didn't stepped into someone else's toes either; I made sure of that. ;)

Anin and Hael's Midweek Getup:

On Anin: Artwork Shirt, Mood Neckpiece from The Bead Shop, Black Shorts SM Dept. Store, High Cut Sneakers from Converse (not shown)

On Hael: Cars Shirt from Robinson's, Baby Gap Camouflage Pants (from Tita Auie) (not shown) and Black Cayman Crocs (not shown)