Sunday, December 26, 2010




Date Taken: Dec. 26, 2010 at 17:18
f/stop: f/5.6
Exposure Time: 1/10 sec
ISO: 200
Focal length: 55mm
Metering mode: Spot
No flash fired




Date Taken: Dec. 25, 2010 at 18:01
f/stop: f/4
Exposure Time: 13 sec
ISO Speed: 200
Focal length: 18mm
Metering mode: Spot
No flash fired

I live near Nuvali but I rarely get the chance to spend some time and do some photo shoots in this place. Good thing I was able to bring my tripod and make try some long exposure shots. This one turned out well (for me anyway). Hehehe.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Yeah, I'm such a loser. I have this feeling that I'm the only living person in Manila who hasn't gone to Forever21 yet. I've been wanting to go since its opening and only had the chance yesterday.

The moment I entered the store, I was in euphoria. I felt I was transported to a fashion planet. I wanted to grab every item I find. But no, I wasn't hyperventilating or in drools. I'm way too classy for that. Haha!

The mall's parking lot was filled so we left hubby to park the car on his own and proceeded to SM Megamall's 2nd floor. He told us he'll meet us inside the store. Moments later, I got a call from him and the first question he asked was, "Where in the hell will I find you guys? This store is so huge!".

We spent the next two hours browsing every nook was able to buy some stuff. There was this one dress which I really love but luck's not on my side that day since they don't have my size anymore.

Pam and Belle, my teenage stepdaughters, were able to score some tops and I bought a plaid long top, white polo top, white basic sweatshirt and a camisole top.

The store was packed and there was a long queue for the dressing rooms and checkout counters. I love how organized this place is. You don't have to get out of the dressing room to get your size (in case the one you have won't fit) and you don't have return the items you don't want yourself. You just hand them over to one of the assistants and you can continue shopping or head out to the check out counter if you're already done.

Too bad, we didn't have the time to check out their accessories section. We still have to grab Anin's outfit since they don't carry children's clothes and we still have to get Hael his haircut. I promised myself, the next time I enter F21, I'll head out to the accessories section first. =)

I'm not a big fan of crowded places but these inhibitions were quickly ignored the moment I stepped inside the store. I was totally overwhelmed with lots of fashionable items and my trip to F21 has transported me somewhere magical and enchanting. Now I'm an overreacting loser. Haha!


Variety of gelato choices

Cara Mia Cakes

After I have initiated my hubby with authentic Italian Bolognese, he can't stop craving from it. Before we met, he won't eat pastas or pansit canton but then things have changed a lot since then. Our meals has became too predictable since he would dragged the family to Sbarro or Italianni's to have that pasta.
On one of our trips to Alabang Town Center, I urged him to try Amici. Since we were not the type of "adventurous" eaters, we ordered their Margherita Pizza (Php280),
Spaghetti Alla Bolognese Pasta (Php185) and a pitcher of soda. My daughter Anin and I had Pistachio gelato for dessert.

All the while, we were summoning the waiter here and there without knowing its Self-Service policy. The waiter was so courteous to attend to our needs and he never told us about their policy. We later found out after reading one of its posts on the wall. Haha!

The waiter got a big tip from us considering his efforts and demeanor. Other service crews would have pointed to us that we have to serve ourselves right from the start.

Hubby was so impressed with their menu that he dragged us back there last week. We ordered different food this time but hubby ordered their bolognese spaghetti still. We had Insalata di Cesare/Caesar Salad (Php140), Cappricciosa Pizza (Php280), Spaghetti Alla Bolognese Pasta (Php185), Pollo Arrostito/Baked Rosemary half Chicken with veggies and some gelato for dessert.

I was hesitant to try out their baked chicken at first since it appeared to pale and too saucy. It was totally different from how it looks like from their menu. I was expecting it would look like the Italianni's version of their baked chicken. But then after an eeny weeny bite, I was surprised on how tasty it was. It was delectable and very tasty.

Overall, the dining experience at Amici was a delightful one. I'd give this resto my nod. Kids will not enjoy the pizza and pasta but the wide variety of gelato they can offer. The staff are friendly, courteous and very accommodating. I should say you should visit one of their branches and try out their menu.

I'll definitely try their Italian Sausage on my next visit. =)

Amici has branches at SM Megamall, Greenhills, Don Bosco School, Tomas Morato, Alabang Town Center and SM North Edsa.

I'm sorry but I was only able to take pictures of their gelato and cakes. The food vanished right after it landed on the table.


Cuts 4 Tots Hair Salon (SM Megamall)

Cuts 4 Tots Hair Salon interior (SM Megamall)

Hael, almost done with his haircut.

My son, Hael's first haircut was done in one of the barber shops here in our village. The experience was too traumatizing for him so his next haircuts that followed would mean screaming, lots of crying and too stressful for him and us both.
I told hubby that I won't let him get a haircut unless it's from a salon that would specialize on handling kids.
After a long shopping day at SM Megamall, we brought Hael to Cuts for Tots. This is his second time to visit this salon however his first one was at SM MOA. This kiddie salon's located on the 5th level in SM Megamall. We were 5th on the list, so we had to wait for a little while. I talked to the receptionist and specifically asked for someone "experienced" to handle Hael. I told her, handling Hael won't be easy and I want someone who knows how handle kids someone like my son. The receptionist was accommodating and reassuring.
When it was Hael's turn, the sobs started and the next thing we knew, he was crying so loudly and was attempting to jump out of his seat. I was amazed with the lady who handled my son's haircut because she seems so unaffected, constantly reassuring my son and tried to pacify him. Though her efforts were in vain, she was done in just a couple of minutes. The haircut was just perfect; no nicks or cuts on my son's head. We were amazed how she was able to accomplish this considering my son's behavior.
I'd give Cuts for Tots ( SM Megamall branch) a two thumbs up. I am a very satisfied customer indeed.

Haircut -- Php280