Friday, April 29, 2011


Rooms at Marlin Beach Resort

Marlin Beach Resort

Marlin Beach Resort Open Bar and Resto

Marlin Beach Resort Lounge Chairs


Sta. Fe Bantayan Cebu Beach

Our first stay in Sta. Fe Bantayan was spent at Budyong Beach Resort. Three years after, and a toddler now in tow, we need to look for a resort with better amenities like hot and cold shower (my son's used to having his hot bath) and better yet, a resort with WIFI access since I have to work online in between vacation.

After a thorough research, I decided to choose Marlin's Beach Resort due to its commendable reviews in most websites. We paid our deposit and literally counted the days til we get to Cebu.

This time around, we traveled in a very large pack (11 pax all in all including kids) that we had to rent the van we found at the North Bus Terminal. The rental costs us Php2880 (one way) to Hagnaya Port.

From Hagnaya Port, we boarded the ferry boat to take us to Sta. Fe Bantayan. Upon reaching, Sta. Fe Bantayan Port, the resort's van was waiting for us at the parking lot. It was to my great relief that their shuttle service is new large van and it was a very comfortable ride going to the resort considering we had kids with us.

The staff are very courteous and very friendly. I love how they greet each and very guests with sincere smiles and welcomes.

The rooms were very clean and spacious and I love the balcony with a view to the beach. Unfortunately, their WIFI doesn't work at any area of the resort. It was quite disappointing but good thing my brother and I brought Smartbro broadband plug-ins with us.

The food in this resort can be a bit pricey most especially when you're traveling with a large group of people. One can always choose to take a walk to the nearest market or restos to have your lunch or dinner which is around 10-20 meters away from the resort.

The hot and cold shower in our room refused to work by the evening and wasn't fixed until we left although we already reported it. My son has to take his bath in the other room (we got two rooms).

All these disappointments didn't hinder us to enjoy the rest of the days. The beach was too lovely and considering it was summer, it wasn't crowded at all. I could honestly say I enjoyed my stay in Sta. Fe Bantayan than in Boracay.

If you enjoy nightlife too much, there's not much to see in this place compared in Boracay. This is a place where serenity and pure bliss is evident.

This is truly one of the places I wouldn't hesitate to revisit in heartbeat.

Monday, April 4, 2011



A part of their dessert station



I actually don't know how to express in writing summing up my trip to the much famed Yakimix. I've heard great reviews about this buffet-style resto and I've been dying to go to this place ever since.

At first, I thought the buffet cost of Php598/person is a little too steep but curiosity got the best of me and decided to try it out yesterday, on a Sunday of all days.

It took us 2 hours and a half to wait for our turn to have our table and I kept reminding myself and Yab that the wait will be definitely worth it.

When it was our turn, I am truly impressed with the interior and the crystal chandeliers. The place really looks classy, more of European style (sorry, I am no master of Interior Decorating. Lol!) but one thing I noticed was that their ambient music is quite off. I could hear screaming rock bands, korean pop the next and so on playing in the speakers. But all of these were all forgotten the moment I had my first bite.

The receptionists are accommodating and friendly and some of the waiters and waitresses too. Some of whom are pretty grumpy but I really can't blame them. It was a full house busy Sunday and I can't see an empty table nowhere.

We decided to head for the "cooked" buffet station for our main course. It was already 9pm and our "pet dragons" are already on riot in our tummy. Haha! I got to try their glass noodles (not sure of the name though), crispy pata, tempura, chicken lollipop, chili chicken and I was instantly hooked. There are just way too many choices available and being the non-adventurous eater that I am, I stuck to the basics.

After that, we went to the "raw" station and the choices are incredibly huge, too. We really had fun grilling/cooking our food in our table. They have several choices of sushi, sashimi and other authentic Japanese, Korean and Cantonese food that you'd wish you have the stomach of a hippo.

You better leave some room for desserts and fruits, too. From a freezer full of different Selecta Icecream flavors, they also have different kinds of cakes, leche flan, chocolate brownie and the list goes on and on.

Yab promised me to go back to this place pretty soon and this time around, he wants the kids with us. I just can't wait to see the look on my children's faces.