Thursday, April 19, 2012


My Yoga Instructor offered me this bag and what really caught my eye was the lovely print. Little did I know this bag has more to offer.

What makes this bag special?

These environment-friendly sacks bags absorb several times more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees.

• Made from a unique vegetable fiber spun into thread, it is then crafted into a beautifully designed bag.

• There is abundant availability of this material which makes it a renewable and sustainable resource.

• When discarded, sack bags totally decompose, putting valuable nutrients back into the soil.

• Environmentally friendly, it does not produce toxic gases or harmful gas by-products.

I was totally in awe with this bag that i ended up buying two.

What's not to love? You get to tote a beautifully crafted bag while contributing to a healthy environment.

My "London" Bag

Ate Anin's UK Flag Tote Bag

Monday, April 2, 2012


 Keepsakes from Bangkok, Thailand

Keepsakes from Chennai (Madras) India

Yab made a promised to me once that he will never leave me behind for more than a week. If he has to go somewhere longer than that, he will take me wherever it may be.

When his job required him to be in India for almost a month, he asked me to come with him this time around. I refused to leave our son, Hael behind so he obliged to take him along too.

In one month, I've been in two countries; two different cultures and lifestyle. I couldn't thank him enough for being so thoughtful enough to let me experience this.

It was a very challenging month for me considering I had a toddler with me all the time. The only prayer I had was that he may never get sick abroad and God answered my prayers.

I was grateful that even when we were under the scorching heat when we go out every weekend, I never heard a single complaint from my toddler. He was too fascinated with all the  new things he saw. He slept during plane rides and never had any jetlag. He even learned to say, "Thank You" in Tamil (Chennai dialect).

So, if someone asks me if I'll do it again, I will in a heartbeat. This time around, I'll be wiser to bring more cartons of formula milk.


Off to a dinner somewhere with the family on a weekday. :D

Stripes Cardigan and Royal Blue Shorts bought from Bangkok
Ash Gray Tank Top from Forever 21
Flats from Parisian
Statement Neckpiece from Bangkok
Bangle from India


My getup when Yab asked me to accompany him to a dinner get-together with his friend. 

Mustard Yellow Top and Royal Blue Palazzo Pants from Bangkok, Jeweled Thong Sandals from Charles & Keith, statement necklace from Bangkok, Bangle bought from India, cocktail ring bought from a bazaar