Friday, January 22, 2010


Being a stay at home mom, my main entertainment consist mainly comes from television or from a great book. Sure, pathetic as it may sound, I do watch telenovelas, soap operas and a couple of reality tv.
I do watch Pinoy Big Brother and I couldn't help but shake my head in disgust with what I'm seeing for the past week. They aired this so called "Resbak Attack" wherein the exhousemates get to test the housemates' true personalities and their "worthiness" to be in Kuya's house.
Sure, why not give them something to bring out their true personalities? I do get it. What I don't understand is that some of these exhousemates seem to take this as a perfect opportunity to vent out their personal issues with the housemates. They appear too bitter and personal. They don't hesitate to result to physical violence and what's sad, Kuya seems to be too lenient about this. This doesn't showcase the housemates' true colors but sadly highlights one negative Filipino trait which is crab mentality. I could see very clearly this so called "Resbak Attack" never meant to show who truly deserves the big win but nevertheless a perfect opportunity for some of the exhousemates to take out their personal angst against the housemates, deserving to win the title or not.
I never liked Princess. She's too tacky for my taste. True enough, her "palengkera" attitude was exposed during her confrontation with Mariel. And oh, don't get me started with Cathy. She feels she's all that. Hello! Trust me, I don't have any bet on who deserves to win. I just find it entertaining. Period.
I also hated Paul Jake's guts right from the start but to my surprise, I was really impressed on what I saw in the show this week. He stayed true on who really is and never gave up on what he believed in. Mayabang na kung mayabang, may paninindigan naman.
Really, don't we all have that invisible guard built around ourselves when we're around with people whom we barely know? We don't usually open up until we reach that comfort level with that person... We truly shine in the adversities we face. I don't think provoking and hurting people physically, verbally and emotionally is the right way to do it.
Just my two cents, really.

Sunset Bay Resort-La Union Jan. 18-19, 2010

Here I come, La Union!!!

Hasta la vista, baby!

Infinity Pool

Sunset Bay Resort

When Yab told me that I get to go with him to La Union for his client meeting I couldn't help but feel so giddy about it. Not only do I get a quick getaway from my mundane life, I also have the chance to explore another new place. ;)
After several pit stops at different gas stations in different towns and cities, we arrived in La Union more than six hours later.
We asked the locals for recommendations for the best resort and three people suggested Puerto de San Juan. We checked in and realized we didn't have anything for lunch so we decided to check out the restaurant and the beach, too.
I was quite disappointed to see the waves too ferocious to swim in... I do know a lot of surfers out there would definitely love to be in this place but not me. After a while, I resigned to the thought of settling to the resort pool instead. We took some pictures and headed to the restaurant afterwards.
Since it was a weekday, I didn't expect the resort to be packed of people but I was shocked to know that we were the only guests... I suddenly have the feeling that I'm in a deserted island somewhere. Hey, no man is an island, right? After some discussion with Yab, we decided to cancel our stay and check out the other resort in a different town, Sunset Bay Resort.
We immediately fell in love with the place. It has a "Moalboal" feel to it (popular diving/beach place in Cebu), not too pretentious unlike other resorts I've been to. It was so serene and peaceful. They have this very long shoreline perfect for day and night strolls.
The room accommodation costs Php1,600/day but it is truly cheap considering their amenities and facilities. The room is equipped with a 21" cable TV, a personal ref, safety deposit box and they've got heater in their bathrooms (I just love warm bath!). Oh, did I mention their whole resort is equipped with wifi? Yeah, you still get to log in to Facebook and other internet sites miles away from home!
During dinner, we decided to have sirloin steak and we were truly in for a big surprise. Not only does the food tastes great, they have great servings too. The steak costs around Php490 (can serve two people already) and you can order a liter of Coke for Php60 and viola! Great place with great food. What more could you ask for, right?
It was a quick and short stay but If given another chance, I'll go back to the place in a heartbeat. This time, I'll be bringing my kids with me. I'm sure they'll love it as much as I do. ;)